A Bright & Yummy Summer Awaits!

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Fish Pie
Baked Cod

It’s that time of the year when the sun shines the brightest. Enjoy exciting new items that will make your summer bright and yummy at Early Bird Breakfast Club! This love month, surprise your special someone with our Red Velvet Lingerie. A sexy chocolate indulgent made with maraschino cherry chocolate ganache, red velvet sponge, cream cheese frosting and topped with a classic French custard. A delightful treat that will surely make everyday seem like Valentine’s Day! And for those who crave a light and refreshing dessert during these hot summer days, we give you our Buco Pandan Trifle! Layers of nata de coco and vanilla sponge covered with pandan and topped with custard and coconut cream. These two jar treats, whether shared with friends dining-in or taken out as a gift, will surely make your summer enjoyable!

Other new delectable items to try this season are the Peanut Butter Crusted Cod, Spanish-Sardines with Kesong Puti, Poached Egg Caesar and the Cod & Salmon Breakfast Pie. These light and healthy meals are perfect for the Lenten Season and the whole of summer.

Pair off these dishes and quench your thirst with our wide new selections of iced teas such as the Pandan, Strawberry Passion, Calamansi Hazelnut, and Mango Honey along with our signature Lemon & Mint.

"Happy summer, our dear breakfast lovers!"

As seen on Issue 04 of Early Bird Daily, 2015

Early Bird Daily #4

Early Bird Daily #4