Cracking A Beautiful Breakfast Idea.

Early Bird BGC
Early Bird BGC

The Birth of Early Bird Breakfast Club

by Ellen Joy Evangelista-Co

It all started with a dream. A dream of creating something that is purely homegrown but strong enough to compete with international brands. In our country, imported brands are often deemed better than local—and this is the mindset we at Early Bird Breakfast Club aim to change.

Early Bird Breakfast Club was an idea inspired from my stint living and working in Singapore where brunch was a big thing. And there were a variety of places to choose from. Being a morning person, I would always look forward to dining in these breakfast or brunch places. These leisurely meals were indeed highlights of my stay in the Lion City.

Moving back to Manila at the end of 2011, one of the things I missed most was having a good brunch. There just were not enough breakfast places, save for hotels or fast food. My then boyfriend and now husband, Kendrick Co was also a breakfast enthusiast and after telling him my idea, he lovingly supported my vision. Together, we created the concept of what is now Early Bird Breakfast Club.

This being our first venture in an industry so new to us (we are both graduates of Integrated Marketing Communications and not HRM), the task of putting up our dream restaurant was far from easy. Fortunately, our friends William See, Bianca Sevilla and Dianne Tang-See supported our goal and quickly joined in the company. Kendrick's branding company, Antidote, played a big role in developing the brand concept and design from the logo, store signage, uniforms, website, and even this newspaper menu you're reading. We owe all of our quirky and much talked about design to Antidote.

It took us some time to find the right place to have our flagship branch. We wanted a perfectly cozy spot that will make you feel like you’re not dining in the city. In 2012 we found our first store location at the Fort; our top choice. Through the talent of architect and designer Carla Suiza, the cozy and retro-chic ambiance we envisioned came to life. Together with our Chefs Matthew Hornsby-Bates and Matthew Kenneth Lim, Early Bird Breakfast Club finally opened its doors to the public on January 10, 2013.

Within our first year, we’d like to think that we have already built a following of loyal breakfast lovers. We are pleased to discover that a lot of people share our passion for beautiful breakfast. Those unfamiliar with our beginning, often mistake Early Bird Breakfast Club as an international franchise brought here from abroad. When we are asked, we proudly answer that we are a purely Filipino brand—entirely homegrown and built out of passion and love. We hope, in time, we can share our love for Beautiful Breakfast to the world.

As seen on Issue 02 of Early Bird Daily, 2014

Early Bird Daily #2

Early Bird Daily #2