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What’s your definition of a great meal? It’s those that hit the right spot. Those meals that you crave and make you smile upon seeing. That favorite dish that fills you up, warms your heart and puts you in a great mood, completely energized for the day or night.

Early Bird has always been known for its philosophy of positivity – creating meals that put a smile on your face while being enjoyed in a cozy ambiance. Our goal has always been to uplift people through our delicious, beautifully plated meals. This sunny philosophy is what we hope to bring throughout the day – from morning to noon & night.

Now, Early Bird goes beyond breakfast, introducing comfort foods enjoyable for lunch and dinner. We hope to be able to bring our signature touch on all things dining, not just breakfast. Come over and allow us to brighten up your day!

As seen on Issue 13 of Early Bird Daily, 2017

Early Bird Daily #13

Early Bird Daily #13