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The Spirit of Christmas Giving with Bettina and Gummy
Bettina and Gummy at Early Bird
Bettina and Gummy

For Bettina Carlos, Christmas is a joyous occasion that is a cause for far more celebration than the usual. That’s because her birthday happens to occur on that very same day. Some in the same situation may find themselves feeling shortchanged by fate but Bettina grew up with a family that imbibed a strong spirit of generosity. It was a yearly happy double celebration that taught Bettina that she’d be happiest when she would make other people happy.

This Christmas tradition has transformed years later when Bettina had her own daughter, Gummy. Even at a young age, Gummy would learn firsthand how to truly celebrate this season of giving since they’d be making pasta or sandwiches and giving these away to street dwellers on Christmas Day. This generous and positive attitude is something that Bettina wants to pass on to Gummy, as evidenced in her everyday dealings with the adorable 5-year-old. Mother and daughter would spend precious morning breakfast dates together; bright and early before Bettina has to don all her hats as a mother, baker, TV actress/host and entrepreneur.

When it comes to breakfast, Bettina really is the ultimate breakfast person. It’s more than just a meal, because for her, food is nourishment for both the body and soul. And this bright outlook at the start of the day, plus her passion for food and cooking, makes her the perfect match for an Early Bird Breakfast Club collaboration. Bettina was ecstatic to work with our chefs to create dishes inspired by her!

Bettina and Ris-OAT-oh

So for this holiday season, we give you these new dishes that will surely kickstart your Christmas foodie binge! e Stuffed Chicken with Ris-OAT-oh! will give you the perfect healthy and tasty fill as this dish looks like it’s made with risotto but is actually made healthy with oats! Then there’s the Malunggay Toasts with Tinapate, which is Bettina’s personal creation made from her own family recipe of Tinapate. This dish is perfect for a light start to your day.

How about having cake for breakfast? You’ll certainly be wanting some Green Tea Calamansi Cheesecake, which is light yet decadent at the same time. Finally, cap off that breakfast treat with the Dinotella, a smooth combination of Bettina and Gummy’s favorites, Milo and Nutella, topped with a cookie personally baked by Bettina! This season we also launch pancakes specially for the kids! Try out Gummy’s new favorite, the Choco Mallow Pancake!

Gummy with Choco Mallow Pancake

Of course it’s the season for Early Bird Breakfast Club’s signature bestselling Christmas favorites! The Puto Bumbong Pancakes, Bacon & Pineapple Scotch Eggs, and Cranberry Piglets are back for everyone to enjoy! Along with the new drink for the season, our S’mores Hot Chocolate!

It’s definitely a season of giving as we give you these delectable dishes that will make feasts and get togethers with families and friends more enjoyable! We wish everybody the most memorable Christmas and a splendid New Year!

As seen on Issue 011 of Early Bird Daily, 2016

Early Bird Daily #11

Early Bird Daily #11