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Early Bird Breakfast Club Turns 4!
Early Bird branches

And just like that, we are four years old! Last January 10, we celebrated our 4-year anniversary. It feels just like yesterday when we first opened the doors of our flagship branch back in 2013, at the 28th street of Fort, BGC and welcomed our first customers who soon became our loyal breakfast lovers.

A year after, we opened our 2nd one at Century City Mall in Makati and our 3rd branch at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. And in 2015, we opened our 4th branch, our first one outside the metro, in Nuvali Solenad 3, Santa Rosa, Laguna.

It hasn’t been easy especially at this day and age where concepts, dishes and ideas can easily be replicated and copied. Since we started Early Bird Breakfast Club in 2013, more and more breakfast joints have surfaced. But only the real breakfast enthusiasts know that there is only one who gives the true experience of Beautiful Breakfast, Morning, Noon & Night. Where they can find the best tasting Yin & Yang Champorado, the yummiest and most comforting Ultimate Grilled Cheese, everybody's favorite, our bestselling Tenderloin Tapa and the most authentic Full English in town. We owe it to our loyal supporters who loved us since day one and have become our own brand ambassadors through the years.

Today, four years later we continue to uplift mornings with our promise of Beautiful Breakfast. We are also continuously cooking up new offerings and working on improving our service so that our patrons have something new and exciting to look forward to in our everyday together.

Thank you, dear breakfast lovers for this amazing journey! We owe it all to you and we look forward to many, many more years together!

Love, your Early Bird Breakfast Club family.

As seen on Issue 12 of Early Bird Daily, 2017

Early Bird Daily #12

Early Bird Daily #12

Beautiful Breakfast in the Heart of Makati.
century city mall branch
Early Bird Century City Mall
Early Bird Century City Mall Al Fresco


Beautiful breakfast has finally landed in Makati. Early Bird Breakfast Club recently opened its second branch at the ground floor of Century City Mall at Kalayaan Avenue. Now more spacious with an alfresco area and equally charming like its mother restaurant at the Fort, Early Bird Breakfast Club, Century City Mall features its signature dishes hailed as some of the best in the metro. These include the original Yin & Yang Champorado, The Early Bird Full English, Chorizo & Mushroom Risotto and everyone’s favorite, French Toast Fondue. New in the menu but quickly becoming popular are the Sweet Glazed Katcino and the Poached Salmon Aioli.

Aside from its hearty meals, Early Bird Breakfast Club is also known for its impeccable design and well-appointed interiors. Considered by many as one of the prettiest restaurants in the
country today, Early Bird Breakfast Club has become the choice spot of publications for their pictorials and shows for their shoots. It has also become a go-to venue for intimate parties such as baby and bridal showers. Early Bird Breakfast Club Century City Mall offers the same breathtaking ambiance this time designed and built by Jackie Mitra Bailon. Artists Soleil Ignacio and Kris Abrigo once again render a gorgeous mural wall that is perfect for a selfie.

But the best thing about Early Bird Breakfast Club is still probably this – one need not be an early bird to enjoy its food! You can have beautiful breakfast morning, noon or night.

As seen on Issue 01 of Early Bird Daily, 2014

Early Bird Daily #1

Early Bird Daily #1