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The Art of a Leisurely Breakfast.
Daphne Oseña-Paez
Daphne Oseña-Paez photo
Daphne Oseña-Paez photo

Why Mornings are the Best Part of Daphne's Day

As a TV host/producer, writer, entrepreneur and UNICEF representative, not to mention her most important roles of mother and wife, you’d think that Daphne Oseña-Paez would be rushing off to a hectic start each and every morning. Instead, this mother of three has learned to balance work, life, and all that’s in between to reward herself with leisure time, especially during breakfast, which is the most special meal at home and can be quite a production at the Paez residence. “I look forward to long talks with my family during breakfast. I love slow breakfasts.” And that’s the best part of Daphne’s mornings – spending time around the table, surrounded by family. Having three young daughters, it’s also important for this mom to keep them grounded. “I always tell my kids the same great lesson I got from my own mom – count your blessings... because when you are grateful, everything else follows – kindness, generosity, understanding, inspiration, creativity.” We can tell the mantra works for this successful mom; another gem of an advice from Daphne to her kids that’s grounded in starting your day right? “Always make your own bed in the morning. It’ll give you a sense of accomplishment.”

I look forward to long talks with my family during breakfast. I love slow breakfasts.
— Daphne

Mornings and having that leisurely breakfast isn’t just an opportunity for Daphne to slow down from the hectic life she leads, it’s also a chance to reconnect with childhood nostalgia; having grown up in Toronto, her idea of the perfect breakfast includes anything with Canadian bacon, waffles and maple syrup. And that preference, paired with her own beautiful breakfast ideal, gave birth to the newest collaboration effort with Early Bird Breakfast Club. Daphne and Early Bird have co-created a new batch of breakfast goodies that will surely be a treat for each and every breakfast lover out there. Presented with everything that Daphne loves in a North American breakfast comes the Canadian Breakfast Waffles, a savoury offering of waffles and Canadian bacon, topped with eggs and tomatoes. This dish packs a surprising but complementary twist with its twin sauces – one being homemade pesto and the other, mayo mustard. Paired with this main dish is the light and refreshing Honey Melon Cucumber smoothie, along with the newest Early Bird dessert – a good old apple pie has been transformed into the Deep Fried Apple Pie Puff, comfort food that Daphne herself wants to make at home.

Just like how Daphne enjoys a slow breakfast to spend time with family and reflect, we at Early Bird Breakfast Club believe in the same thing. Sometimes you just have to take that much needed pause in the morning and allow yourself to enjoy breakfast leisurely so you can be ready to face the day. This summer, take the time to treat yourself to a leisurely breakfast at Early Bird Breakfast Club and enjoy Daphne's co-created dishes!

As seen on Issue 08 of Early Bird Daily, 2016

Early Bird Daily #9

Early Bird Daily #9