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An Early Bird Christmas
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Our ever-popular Puto Bumbong Pancakes with our latest creation, the Butterbeer Pancake – a must try for all Potter-heads out there!

Our ever-popular Puto Bumbong Pancakes with our latest creation, the Butterbeer Pancake – a must try for all Potter-heads out there!

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Celebrate your Christmas with us, book your parties and get-togethers early, email

It’s a uniquely Filipino experience to start celebrating Christmas once the Ber months hit. The rest of the world waits the whole year for December 25 but here, we’re all a little nicer, all a little lighter and all a little bit more jolly when September comes in.

At Early Bird, we’re held captive by that same merry spirit, rolling out our much awaited signature Christmas dishes that people look forward to all year long. Our bestsellers are back, such as the popular and festive Early Bird Puto Bumbong Pancakes, along with our savoury seasonal favourites Bacon & Pineapple Scotch Eggs, Cranberry Piglets and Stuffed Chicken with Ris-OAT-oh! We also have a new addition to our hearty Christmas feast – Butterbeer Pancakes, a must try for any Hogwarts fan with a sweet tooth!

It’s a uniquely Filipino experience to start celebrating Christmas once the Ber months hit.

We truly feel the season is upon us when we have good food to enjoy with family and friends. Come over and spend your Christmas get-togethers at Early Bird, with these dishes that can only be enjoyed at this time of the year. Because good food is meant to be shared with all and felt in both our hearts and our tummies – which is exactly how one should enjoy Christmas.

As seen on Issue 14 of Early Bird Daily, 2017; Christmas insert

Early Bird Daily #14, Christmas insert

Early Bird Daily #14, Christmas insert

Our Love Affair with Adobo Sunrise.
You can now enjoy Early Bird's famous  Adobo Sunrise  at home! Inquire about Early Bird's Gourmet Jars at the nearest Early Bird Breakfast Club branch near you.

You can now enjoy Early Bird's famous Adobo Sunrise at home! Inquire about Early Bird's Gourmet Jars at the nearest Early Bird Breakfast Club branch near you.

If you ask Filipinos what their national dish is, hands down the answer would most likely be adobo. But what particularly is it about this rich and savoury dish that has made it the undisputed number one in our local cuisine? The truth is, there is no one version of adobo that is considered to be the standard and maybe that’s the secret to its success. You can choose how you want it, when you want it. Early Bird Breakfast Club’s own version – the Adobo Sunrise – remains to be a favourite and is quite the bestseller, loved for its succulent strips and flakes generously topped on Breakfast Rice, with your choice of egg to pair it with.


Adobo might traditionally be considered a lunch or dinner offering but you have to admire this dish for being so versatile and such a flavoured favourite that it has been also entered into the halls of Filipino breakfast food everywhere. It’s a dish that you can literally have for breakfast, lunch and dinner, making it the perfect highlight of the Early Bird menu. Our food has always been about coming over for breakfast and staying the rest of the day to enjoy lunch and dinner at any time. And the Adobo Sunrise epitomizes that, hooking your taste buds from sunup to sundown.

As seen on Issue 14 of Early Bird Daily, 2017

Early Bird Daily #14

Early Bird Daily #14

Serving Sunshine. Morning, Noon & Night.
Early Bird food set

Check out Early Bird's latest offerings


What’s your definition of a great meal? It’s those that hit the right spot. Those meals that you crave and make you smile upon seeing. That favorite dish that fills you up, warms your heart and puts you in a great mood, completely energized for the day or night.

Early Bird has always been known for its philosophy of positivity – creating meals that put a smile on your face while being enjoyed in a cozy ambiance. Our goal has always been to uplift people through our delicious, beautifully plated meals. This sunny philosophy is what we hope to bring throughout the day – from morning to noon & night.

Now, Early Bird goes beyond breakfast, introducing comfort foods enjoyable for lunch and dinner. We hope to be able to bring our signature touch on all things dining, not just breakfast. Come over and allow us to brighten up your day!

As seen on Issue 13 of Early Bird Daily, 2017

Early Bird Daily #13

Early Bird Daily #13

Early Bird Breakfast Club Turns 4!
Early Bird branches

And just like that, we are four years old! Last January 10, we celebrated our 4-year anniversary. It feels just like yesterday when we first opened the doors of our flagship branch back in 2013, at the 28th street of Fort, BGC and welcomed our first customers who soon became our loyal breakfast lovers.

A year after, we opened our 2nd one at Century City Mall in Makati and our 3rd branch at Eastwood Mall in Quezon City. And in 2015, we opened our 4th branch, our first one outside the metro, in Nuvali Solenad 3, Santa Rosa, Laguna.

It hasn’t been easy especially at this day and age where concepts, dishes and ideas can easily be replicated and copied. Since we started Early Bird Breakfast Club in 2013, more and more breakfast joints have surfaced. But only the real breakfast enthusiasts know that there is only one who gives the true experience of Beautiful Breakfast, Morning, Noon & Night. Where they can find the best tasting Yin & Yang Champorado, the yummiest and most comforting Ultimate Grilled Cheese, everybody's favorite, our bestselling Tenderloin Tapa and the most authentic Full English in town. We owe it to our loyal supporters who loved us since day one and have become our own brand ambassadors through the years.

Today, four years later we continue to uplift mornings with our promise of Beautiful Breakfast. We are also continuously cooking up new offerings and working on improving our service so that our patrons have something new and exciting to look forward to in our everyday together.

Thank you, dear breakfast lovers for this amazing journey! We owe it all to you and we look forward to many, many more years together!

Love, your Early Bird Breakfast Club family.

As seen on Issue 12 of Early Bird Daily, 2017

Early Bird Daily #12

Early Bird Daily #12

The Spirit of Christmas Giving with Bettina and Gummy
Bettina and Gummy at Early Bird
Bettina and Gummy

For Bettina Carlos, Christmas is a joyous occasion that is a cause for far more celebration than the usual. That’s because her birthday happens to occur on that very same day. Some in the same situation may find themselves feeling shortchanged by fate but Bettina grew up with a family that imbibed a strong spirit of generosity. It was a yearly happy double celebration that taught Bettina that she’d be happiest when she would make other people happy.

This Christmas tradition has transformed years later when Bettina had her own daughter, Gummy. Even at a young age, Gummy would learn firsthand how to truly celebrate this season of giving since they’d be making pasta or sandwiches and giving these away to street dwellers on Christmas Day. This generous and positive attitude is something that Bettina wants to pass on to Gummy, as evidenced in her everyday dealings with the adorable 5-year-old. Mother and daughter would spend precious morning breakfast dates together; bright and early before Bettina has to don all her hats as a mother, baker, TV actress/host and entrepreneur.

When it comes to breakfast, Bettina really is the ultimate breakfast person. It’s more than just a meal, because for her, food is nourishment for both the body and soul. And this bright outlook at the start of the day, plus her passion for food and cooking, makes her the perfect match for an Early Bird Breakfast Club collaboration. Bettina was ecstatic to work with our chefs to create dishes inspired by her!

Bettina and Ris-OAT-oh

So for this holiday season, we give you these new dishes that will surely kickstart your Christmas foodie binge! e Stuffed Chicken with Ris-OAT-oh! will give you the perfect healthy and tasty fill as this dish looks like it’s made with risotto but is actually made healthy with oats! Then there’s the Malunggay Toasts with Tinapate, which is Bettina’s personal creation made from her own family recipe of Tinapate. This dish is perfect for a light start to your day.

How about having cake for breakfast? You’ll certainly be wanting some Green Tea Calamansi Cheesecake, which is light yet decadent at the same time. Finally, cap off that breakfast treat with the Dinotella, a smooth combination of Bettina and Gummy’s favorites, Milo and Nutella, topped with a cookie personally baked by Bettina! This season we also launch pancakes specially for the kids! Try out Gummy’s new favorite, the Choco Mallow Pancake!

Gummy with Choco Mallow Pancake

Of course it’s the season for Early Bird Breakfast Club’s signature bestselling Christmas favorites! The Puto Bumbong Pancakes, Bacon & Pineapple Scotch Eggs, and Cranberry Piglets are back for everyone to enjoy! Along with the new drink for the season, our S’mores Hot Chocolate!

It’s definitely a season of giving as we give you these delectable dishes that will make feasts and get togethers with families and friends more enjoyable! We wish everybody the most memorable Christmas and a splendid New Year!

As seen on Issue 011 of Early Bird Daily, 2016

Early Bird Daily #11

Early Bird Daily #11

The Art of a Leisurely Breakfast.
Daphne Oseña-Paez
Daphne Oseña-Paez photo
Daphne Oseña-Paez photo

Why Mornings are the Best Part of Daphne's Day

As a TV host/producer, writer, entrepreneur and UNICEF representative, not to mention her most important roles of mother and wife, you’d think that Daphne Oseña-Paez would be rushing off to a hectic start each and every morning. Instead, this mother of three has learned to balance work, life, and all that’s in between to reward herself with leisure time, especially during breakfast, which is the most special meal at home and can be quite a production at the Paez residence. “I look forward to long talks with my family during breakfast. I love slow breakfasts.” And that’s the best part of Daphne’s mornings – spending time around the table, surrounded by family. Having three young daughters, it’s also important for this mom to keep them grounded. “I always tell my kids the same great lesson I got from my own mom – count your blessings... because when you are grateful, everything else follows – kindness, generosity, understanding, inspiration, creativity.” We can tell the mantra works for this successful mom; another gem of an advice from Daphne to her kids that’s grounded in starting your day right? “Always make your own bed in the morning. It’ll give you a sense of accomplishment.”

I look forward to long talks with my family during breakfast. I love slow breakfasts.
— Daphne

Mornings and having that leisurely breakfast isn’t just an opportunity for Daphne to slow down from the hectic life she leads, it’s also a chance to reconnect with childhood nostalgia; having grown up in Toronto, her idea of the perfect breakfast includes anything with Canadian bacon, waffles and maple syrup. And that preference, paired with her own beautiful breakfast ideal, gave birth to the newest collaboration effort with Early Bird Breakfast Club. Daphne and Early Bird have co-created a new batch of breakfast goodies that will surely be a treat for each and every breakfast lover out there. Presented with everything that Daphne loves in a North American breakfast comes the Canadian Breakfast Waffles, a savoury offering of waffles and Canadian bacon, topped with eggs and tomatoes. This dish packs a surprising but complementary twist with its twin sauces – one being homemade pesto and the other, mayo mustard. Paired with this main dish is the light and refreshing Honey Melon Cucumber smoothie, along with the newest Early Bird dessert – a good old apple pie has been transformed into the Deep Fried Apple Pie Puff, comfort food that Daphne herself wants to make at home.

Just like how Daphne enjoys a slow breakfast to spend time with family and reflect, we at Early Bird Breakfast Club believe in the same thing. Sometimes you just have to take that much needed pause in the morning and allow yourself to enjoy breakfast leisurely so you can be ready to face the day. This summer, take the time to treat yourself to a leisurely breakfast at Early Bird Breakfast Club and enjoy Daphne's co-created dishes!

As seen on Issue 08 of Early Bird Daily, 2016

Early Bird Daily #9

Early Bird Daily #9

Breakfast Love with the Filarts
Patty Laurel-Filart and family
Patty Laurel-Filart
Patty and Patrick Filart

It’s hard to imagine Patty Laurel-Filart as being anything but bubbly and animated – she may very well be a living testament to the saying that one should always start the day with a good breakfast. Her good-natured laugh and infectious smile certainly match the bright and pretty interiors of Early Bird Breakfast Club, ever present as she talked about her love for breakfast and family.

It all begins with her personal philosophy that each day should start on a high note with breakfast certainly being a great way to do so. And like the foodie that she is, having a happy tummy equates to everything going right in her world.

This passion for breakfast is what drew her to Early Bird Breakfast Club in the first place. She's been sold on it since day one, when she got herself a taste of Early Bird's Yin & Yang Champorado, describing it as a decadent sweet and salty mix of white and dark Belgian chocolate perfectly paired with dilis – a dish that certainly fulfilled her pregnancy cravings last year. What also helped seal the deal for her was the fact that her husband Patrick loved it at Early Bird Breakfast Club as well, regularly satisfied and happy with a serving of Tenderloin Tapa or Adobo Sunrise. It was a rare ‘match made in tummy heaven,’ as Patty herself calls it.

It all begins with her personal philosophy that each day should start on a high note with breakfast...
— Patty

Patty had found herself a quaint and pretty breakfast place that served beautifully plated breakfast dishes that satisfied her food cravings, her love for all things pretty, and her husband's man-sized appetite. What more could she ask for? Well, a bouncing baby boy certainly completed the picture. For Patty, he just made it perfect. Theo Oliver Filart, a quietly happy 6-month old charmer at the time of the interview, would soon be on his way to discovering the world of food with the help of his parents. Patty is excited to let him taste new flavors and she hopes the love she has for breakfast rubs off on him. We’re sure it will and that we’ll be seeing the Filarts in Early Bird Breakfast Club again pretty soon.

As seen on Issue 08 of Early Bird Daily, 2016

Early Bird Daily #8

Early Bird Daily #8

Christmas with the Peralejo Sisters!
Peralejo Sisters
Peralejo Sisters set

There is nothing like Christmas in the Philippines when families and friends celebrate for weeks on end. And no festivity would be complete without good food shared by all. That is why for the growing followers of Early Bird Breakfast Club, Christmas couldn't come sooner! The season signals a reunion with the restaurant's renditions of classic holiday dishes.

Sisters Rica and Paula Peralejo are among those who look forward to the Christmas-inspired meals of Early Bird Breakfast Club. “The Puto Bumbong Pancakes are my favorites,” Paula admits. “It's such an ingenious creation that gives a beloved local treat a global boost.” Both celebrity bloggers, the Peralejo sisters are constantly on the lookout for interesting finds around the metro.

“We were drawn to Early Bird Breakfast Club, not just because of their food, but because it’s a proudly Filipino company,” Rica shares. When she craves for something filling, Rica often orders the Grilled Cheese Sandwich that comes with hearty tomato soup. The versatile singer-actress is now a passionate working mom to her toddler son Philip. Rica juggles blog writing (, hosting (Mommy Hacks, a lifestyle mommy show with Cheska Kramer), and traveling and mentoring (in their ministry with her pastor husband Joseph).

Paula on the other hand, also writes ( and manages her travel agency (Our Restless Feet Travel and Tours). Paula’s most recent passion project is @MeetMyManila on Instagram where she aims to promote the best of Manila.

And what’s one of the best things about our hometown? Surely, it’s the way we celebrate Christmas! The Christmas spirit starts once the “Ber” months roll in and lasts all the way ‘til February. At Early Bird Breakfast Club, this means the return of signature holiday items such as Cranberry Piglets, Scotch Eggs, Handcrafted Belgian Hot Chocolate, S’mores and of course, the famous Puto Bumbong Pancakes.

People understandably indulge on food and festivities during this season of sharing and that is certainly true for the Peralejo family. A common wish between the two sisters would be to have their family together in one place come Christmas. “If they were here, they will definitely be with us eating our way around the city.”

Indeed, Christmas becomes more meaningful when families and friends reunite. And there’s no better way to celebrate get-togethers than by sharing a delicious feast with your loved ones anytime of the day. And for those who don’t have time to prepare, Early Bird Breakfast Club has got you covered. Our restaurants will be open everyday from Christmas Eve to New Year’s Day!

As seen on Issue 05 of Early Bird Daily, 2015

Early Bird Daily #7

Early Bird Daily #7