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Breakfast Love with the Filarts
Patty Laurel-Filart and family
Patty Laurel-Filart
Patty and Patrick Filart

It’s hard to imagine Patty Laurel-Filart as being anything but bubbly and animated – she may very well be a living testament to the saying that one should always start the day with a good breakfast. Her good-natured laugh and infectious smile certainly match the bright and pretty interiors of Early Bird Breakfast Club, ever present as she talked about her love for breakfast and family.

It all begins with her personal philosophy that each day should start on a high note with breakfast certainly being a great way to do so. And like the foodie that she is, having a happy tummy equates to everything going right in her world.

This passion for breakfast is what drew her to Early Bird Breakfast Club in the first place. She's been sold on it since day one, when she got herself a taste of Early Bird's Yin & Yang Champorado, describing it as a decadent sweet and salty mix of white and dark Belgian chocolate perfectly paired with dilis – a dish that certainly fulfilled her pregnancy cravings last year. What also helped seal the deal for her was the fact that her husband Patrick loved it at Early Bird Breakfast Club as well, regularly satisfied and happy with a serving of Tenderloin Tapa or Adobo Sunrise. It was a rare ‘match made in tummy heaven,’ as Patty herself calls it.

It all begins with her personal philosophy that each day should start on a high note with breakfast...
— Patty

Patty had found herself a quaint and pretty breakfast place that served beautifully plated breakfast dishes that satisfied her food cravings, her love for all things pretty, and her husband's man-sized appetite. What more could she ask for? Well, a bouncing baby boy certainly completed the picture. For Patty, he just made it perfect. Theo Oliver Filart, a quietly happy 6-month old charmer at the time of the interview, would soon be on his way to discovering the world of food with the help of his parents. Patty is excited to let him taste new flavors and she hopes the love she has for breakfast rubs off on him. We’re sure it will and that we’ll be seeing the Filarts in Early Bird Breakfast Club again pretty soon.

As seen on Issue 08 of Early Bird Daily, 2016

Early Bird Daily #8

Early Bird Daily #8