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Year of the BACON!

Yes, once every 12 years, the pig takes center stage and outshines all the other animals, just like this Year of 2019. But for us breakfast lovers, bacon has always taken the limelight as it has always played that important role of making sure we start our day deliciously; at the same time, fueling us up for a hard day’s work.

At Early Bird Breakfast Club, you can enjoy bacon differently and interestingly, each way
100% yummy. You can start the day with our French Toast with Bacon & Eggs where the sweetness of the french toast is perfect with the salty crunchy slices of bacon that is complemented with creamy scrambled eggs.

For lunch, there is everybody’s favorite Bacon Carbonara best enjoyed with the Bacon Nuggets. This combination is a sure hit with the kids! And if you get hungry in the afternoon, you can have the Bacon & Chicken Panini served with a side of our homemade sweet potato chips. You can also try our Bacon Chicharon* for merienda and bring it home or in the o ce for comfort snacking wherever you may go. Early Bird Breakfast Club has pioneered in transforming the bacon as crispy chicharon packed for snacks and enjoyed in four delightful avors – Original, Garlic Parmesan, Smoked Hickory and Salt & Vinegar.

At the end of the day, you can reward yourself with the ultimate indulgence, our Smoked Bacon Slab! This is a slab of smoked bacon roasted with garlic and thyme, served with garlic rice and poached egg. And if you’re on Keto diet, no worries, just skip the rice and the avors of the slab plus the egg will not make you feel compromised.

With all these delicious dishes, we really feel this is our lucky year. Thanking our lucky stars for you, bacon! And thank you, Early Bird Breakfast Club for these delectable treats!